Das hat eine Frau in einem Ei aus einem Restaurant gefunden։ das ist wirklich unglaublich. .🤯 Siehe im 1. Kommentar👇👇


Erica Lim resides in Kuala Lumpur, indulging in exploring various restaurants as one of her favorite pastimes.

Her hobby revolves around uncovering new locales.

While she had always harbored a desire to have a pet, the conventional notion of owning a dog or cat failed to captivate her.

During one of her outings with friends to a Vietnamese restaurant, she stumbled upon an intriguing shop selling fertilized eggs.

Intrigued, she decided to purchase an egg and attempt to hatch the chick herself.

It was a risky endeavor, yet the entire process proved to be immensely captivating.

Erica delved into research on egg preservation techniques.

After a few days, the chick hatched from its shell, revealing itself to be a duckling.

Opting to keep it, Erica’s friends were puzzled by her decision.

She simply expressed her desire to infuse her life with new hues and experiences.

The woman’s unconventional choice of a pet was indeed surprising.

She shared her journey of caring for the duckling online.

The duck was christened Daisy, quickly becoming a beloved addition to the household, adored by all her relatives.

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